Refined (previously Refined Theme & Refined Wiki)


  • Restructured and redesigned internal Atlassian Confluence and pushed it one level higher to a social Intranet, information management, and collaboration platform
  • Refined the new customer knowledge base by applying advanced design, custom branding, and missing out of the box features
  • Refined the new customer help center by applying custom branding, and adding additional features (search multiple Atlassian Confluence knowledge spaces, widgets on service desk help center, audience-based view)

Refined helped me to design, structure, and add additional features lacking out of the box in Atlassian Confluence and Atlassian Jira Service Desk (JSD). There are two things I would like to highlight here.

  1. After I learned more and more about Atlassian and their products, it is just impressive what can be done with Confluence & Jira Service Desk by applying Refined.
  2. It makes me just so happy that Refined understood what the perfect customer support means. Not only do they use their own products to attract and generate leads, but also know that leads can be generated through incredible customer support

Refined definitely got me, and I am a big fan of their products. I am already looking forward to the next Refined project.

Refined Confluence

  • Improved Atlassian Confluence to use it as team collaboration software, and additionally as Intranet software
  • Added further layers to structure and design Confluence
  • Added additional features to Atlassian Confluence (advanced navigation, blog portal, dashboards, and many more)
  • Set up Confluence as internal collaboration system, and additionally as a customer knowledge base

Refined Jira Service Desk

  • Compared to many other ticketing systems Jira Service Desk is still affordable, but styling and branding is not a strength of Jira Service Desk – the strength lies in the incredible workflow design of Jira
  • Refined Jira Service Desk comes handy to serve exactly for that purpose
  • Rebranding and designing of the Service Desk landing page
  • Additional features (permissions, search, linking of several Confluence knowledge bases, and others) make Jira Service Desk & Confluence a fully-featured ticketing and knowledge base system