• Client workshop (expectation, sketching, requirements, roll out plan, cost analysis)
  • Set up as WordPress page from scratch
  • Evaluated hosting provider (for the given requirements DreamHost was the top choice when it comes to price/value)
  • Evaluated domain provider (for the given requirements namecheap was the top choice when it comes to price/value)
  • Create a logo for branding
  • Evaluated and tested image galleries
  • Texting & content creation
  • Performance improvement
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Setup automatic cloud backup strategy

If you start once with WordPress it becomes fun as there are simply endless opportunities to play around. I believe the challenge is to focus the kiss principle – keep it short and simple. No matter if someone is a beginner or an expert, the development is so fast, it is challenging to keep up with all the ongoing developments.

I believe it is good to stick to some developed toolset and then work with it and perfection it. This is what I love about WordPress – you can do everything, but you do not have to.

At I created a simple landing page, having in mind that in the future it should be extendable, which means future pages should be added, a nice navigation for desktop and mobile enabled, and the page should be ready to run a blog, integrate Instagram and integrate a payment system.