Customer Support

Customer Support


  • Service desk agent
  • Incident management (involved in process design, and application owner of ticketing system)
  • Evaluate support processes and workflows

Customer Support played a big role in my life for many years. On the one hand I got a few years of first-hand experiences as a Service Desk & Help Desk agent running 1st level and 2nd level IT support of a multinational enterprise business. On the other hand I had a short intermezzo at an organization in the hearing care solutions industry. And last but not least I took part a lot in the management part that included analysis of the initial situation of support processes and setting up a new support portal (as known as ticketing system) including a knowledge base and adapted to full support process for customers and support agents.

The younger me loved already to help people – back then equipped with a Nokia phone, headset and BMC Remedy

Customer Support 2.0

Customer Support changed tremendously in the last decade. Back then it was only about getting problems fixed. Nowadays, it is about getting leads and converting potential customers to paying customers. This requires people, processes, systems.

  • Email & email queues
  • Phone
  • Ticketing (e.g., Atlassian Service Desk, Zendesk, or many others)
  • Professional chat solutions
  • Messenger (even WhatsApp and Facebook can be used)
  • Video calls
  • Reporting & analysis
  • SLA (Service Level Agreements)
  • Automation
  • Knowledgebase
  • Customer community forum