Photography & stock photography

Photography & stock photography


  • Evaluate stock photography platforms – how many to pick and which ones make sense for my target audience
  • Set up stock photography platforms & profiles
  • Content creation circle
    • take photo
    • select photo
    • edit photo
    • tagging and keywording of photo
    • bulk-upload to stock platforms
    • publishing at the individual stock platform
    • review process
  • Learn and improve my photography skills
  • Invest in better photography equipment
  • Legal regulation for stock photography

What motivates me?

Photography is actually just a hobby of mine, however recently I became quite passionate about it, therefore I did not only top up my equipment but also researched, experimented and learned a lot. Now I am working with stock photography providers and work on my own website about photography. My plan is to sell artwork and share knowledge for photography beginners, as from my point of view beginners are often overwhelmed when researching online. There are a lot of expert-oriented communities out there. Not always do the experts understand the needs of beginners. I hope I can help with that in the future.

My stock photography platforms

Shutterstock Portfolio

Adobe Stock




So what is lookmal you might ask yourself – well look yourself: