Migrate WordPress website from DreamHost to Cloudways

Moving from DreamHost to Cloudways is not that difficult - if everything works out smoothly. The migration part itself is not challenging, however, there are some things to consider if you want to perform the full migration inclusive all the necessary steps to run the site securely, i.e. SSL certificate, HTTPs. DreamHost also comes with a free email service that is not included in Cloudways. If you use email by...

Trick spam bots with Honeypot for Contact Form 7

As soon as you offer a contact form, e.g. with the very popular Contact Form 7, you will find a lot of spam in your inbox. Most of those messages do not come from actual people but from so-called spam bots. There are several methods to avoid or reduce the number of such spam messages. All of those methods work differently and it might even make sense to combine them.

Quick fix for Divi: Stretched featured image on a mobile screen

Quick fix for the image ratio of a blog post's featured image on a mobile screen in the Divi theme. If you follow the guidelines and add a featured image to your post at the recommended size 960 x 440 pixels it looks good on your computer browser and on your mobile screen on your Smartphone. However, if you show all blog posts of a category (simply added on the...

The WHY of my favorite WordPress plugins

There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins out there. It is really difficult to find a plugin stack that works well for you. Some plugins are not compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Some plugins do redundant jobs or interfere with each other. Some plugins are hard on your webserver. This article gives an overview of plugins I work with regularly including their purpose.

Basics about .htaccess in WordPress

The .htaccess file (hypertext access) lets you manage the configuration of your web server. Even a small change in this file can break and take down an entire website. Therefore it is always recommended to take a backup before touching the .htaccess file. The best way is to just use an FTP client like Filezilla and download the file to your local computer before even opening it.

Show a single button on a fixed position on every page and post

There are cases in which it is quite useful to show a button (or any other element) on one fixed position on the screen. No matter if you want to do this temporarily to permanently, you for sure do not want to touch every single page and post on your website. The solution is quite simple by adding the button to the global footer or header and simply reposition it...

Get rid of spam emails in Contact Form 7 by integrating Google reCAPTCHA v3

Contact Form 7 is the most popular contact form for WordPress. Unfortunately, the contact form is not only used by people to get in contact. I would even say it is most often used by bots to simply spam. There are several ways to avoid spam emails in WordPress. In the following article, we will have a look at how Contact Form 7 uses Google reCAPTCHA to reduce the number...